What is Medicare Fraud?

Medicare fraud occurs when a hospital, nursing home, doctor's office, hospice care facility, ambulance service, pharmacy, rehabilitation center, or any other type of healthcare provider overbills Medicare.


Who can report Medicare fraud?

Medicare fraud whistleblowers are almost always healthcare professionals. They are commonly employed as hospital administrators, nurses, hospice or nursing home workers, ambulance drivers, pharmacists, or as any other type of healthcare professionals.

Receive a financial reward for your information.

Healthcare professionals may be entitled to a significant financial reward for becoming Medicare whistleblowers. Learn about receiving a financial reward for your information here.


Financial rewards for becoming a Medicare fraud whistleblower
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Recent changes to US whistleblower laws allow healthcare professionals to collect a significant financial reward (often millions of dollars) for reporting fraud against the government in the healthcare industry. US laws now allow individuals reporting Medicare fraud to receive full protection from retaliation and collect up to 30% of the fines that the government collects. The US government has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars to whistleblowers that come forward with information about healthcare fraud, with some individual whistleblowers receiving a reward worth tens of millions of dollars.

Are you a hospital administrator, nurse, hospice or nursing home worker, ambulance driver, physician, pharmacist, or any other type of healthcare professional and have information about Medicare fraud? Contact the Medicare Fraud Reporting Center to find out if you are eligible to receive a financial reward for your information.

Report Medicare fraud here.

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